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Bellevue Park Hotel Riga

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Superior hotel
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On March 11 guitarist Estas Tonne will perform at the VEF Culture Palace with the long-awaited solo concert Integration

Estas Tonne is a musician who is characterized by a bright and energetic way of expression that broke all show business laws, a musician whose music is not a goal, but a means to free one's ability to get to know himself and the world around him.
Traveling through countless lands and continents, Est Tonne is often intrigued by the manifestations of different cultures, but has never identified any of them, favoring freedom and the diversity of world cultures. That is why his music is a reflection of a variety of artistic techniques. The classic structure, the flamenco technique, the roots of the Gypsy culture, the peculiarities of the Latin American tradition and the electronics that are flowing and almost unobtrusive provide real surprises at every performance.

Exceptional emotion, characteristic of tonal music, as it is in the audience's perception, can cause not only an aesthetic experience, but also a powerful, thrilling start for a different understanding of the world and its personality.

Not only do Estonians use the world musical heritage in a variety of ways, but they are also open to different rooms to hold their own unique concerts. These are not only famous music festivals, including unique events such as Burning Man in the US, and world concert halls, festival venues and yoga trainings, but also simple performances in the streets - Montmartre, the old town of Jerusalem - or even the popular musical motor boat anchored in Amsterdam Stubnitz deck.

The duration of Estas Tonne's performance does not fit into predetermined frames - musical trips with him usually last for at least one and a half hours, but once the concert turned into a five-hour meditation - it took place at the festival "The Summer of Spirit" in Latvia and is the longest performance ever.

Music and world travel connects Estas with unique musicians from all over the world and, along with solo concerts, performs alongside the most prominent contemporary musicians. Recently, the work on the recording that started in Riga in 2013 ended. The album was completed in Israel, with 24 musicians, but the recording lasts just two hours.

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