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Park Restaurant

The Park Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel, where guests can have a delicious breakfast at the early morning hours. The breakfast buffet is rich and thought out to satisfy all tastes of different guests. The Bellevue Park Hotel Riga's range of breakfast includes different meals, breakfast cereals, pastry, hot dishes and, of course, delicious coffee and tea.

After breakfast, the restaurant serves lunch and dinner from AL A CARTE menu. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, ranging from light snacks to main courses. In order to satisfy the youngest hotel guests, the restaurant offers a children's menu.

The Park restaurant also has a wonderful outdoor terrace where you can enjoy morning coffee or have lunch, dinner in the fresh air!

Remember, free Wi-Fi is available in all public areas of the hotel, allowing you to enjoy a drink in a pleasant atmosphere while you use the internet.

Opening hours:

Breakfast 7:00 -10:00

Park Restaurant 15pm-23pm

Reservation: 67069000
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