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SPA Area

Our SPA area is the place to regain harmony between soul and body. Get out of everyday rush and forget about the world for a while, letting you relax in our SPA area. For your comfort we offer a sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi. Let yourself be immersed in the harmony of relaxation and relaxing from everyday rush and disagreement.Be sure to take a swimsuit and swimming pool slippers.

The SPA area is only available for hotel guests upon request at the Hotel reception!

Prices for SPA access 15.00 EUR /per person

Child under 7 years of age - FREE OF CHARGE,
Child From 8 years - 15.00Eur.

Children can stay in the SPA area only in the presence of an adult!

You can make a reservation:

  • at Reception

  • by phone +371 67069000

Opening hours:

17:00- 22:00

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